Dohnavan Moran A.K.A. DonDonTheGreat is president and founder of T.E.A.M. Entertainment. He has provided an opportunity for other young artist to be a part of his legacy.

 DonDon is no stranger to the music industry, having spent time in many different groups has shown him different talents that he has of his own. He recently in the last year has started producing, performing, writing, free-styling, and booking his own shows. He is organizing T.E.A.M. Entertainment  to become one of the greatest in the industry. 

Hes was born in Chicago, IL in 1991. His parents moved him to Minnesota shortly after. Residing in St. Paul, MN he started off in a group called Dream Productions located at The High School for Recording Arts. at the age of 15.He started writing his first three songs "I want her to be my girlfriend", "I got so many words", and "I am like a monster" remix.

He started T.E.A.M. Entertainment in 2008 on just a boom-box radio with cassette tapes. As 2009 came he began being managed by Prince P and also building his own studio starting off with just a laptop, a target $10.00 chat mic with a sock for a compressor, and  10" CD player headphones. They made "Looking for a Wifey", "Superfan", and " My girlfriend Actin' Lame" in the closet on the sock!

Towards the end of 2009 he acquired more equipment which created better quality sound to his music and has brought more fans and opportunities. He now has hits like "Swag so Sick", "I Need", and "Outerspace Lover" feat. Luey Smith, member of T.E.A.M Ent. 

Other artist he has brought into T.E.A.M. entertainment include Zay The Rebirth with "Posted With My Goons", Micky with "Got to Hustle", GiGi with "I Feel", Y-Dub with " Oh My", City with "Intro City", Mike with "Shawty Bad", Troop with "She Actin' Bad", Stamp3d3 with "Let's Rock", Young Tee with "Lookin for a Wifey", and YD with "Stunt Hard"

They ended 2009 with shows at The Mall of America, Dinkytowner Cafe, The Red Sea, Rondo Days, and also at The St. Paul El Rio Festival.

Currently in 2010 DonDon is working on a DVD production called "LIfe of T.E.A.M. Entertainment" and T.E.A.M. is still recording and networking to make T.E.A.M. Entertainment one of the best Hip Hop groups in Minnesota and won't stop until they are. 

You can listen to music by DonDonTheGreat Here HotNewHipHop StillNotCrowned 


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